Jul 1, 2018
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Disney – Wall-E Fshare

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In 2805, Earth is abandoned and covered in garbage, its population having been evacuated by megacorporation Buy-N-Large on giant starliners 700 years earlier. BnL has left behind WALL-E robot trash compactors to clean up; however, all have since stopped functioning, except one unit who has gained sentience and is scavenging parts from other units to remain active. One day, he discovers a healthy seedling, which he returns to his home. Later, an unmanned spaceship lands and deploys an EVE probe to scan the planet. WALL-E is infatuated with EVE, who is initially hostile but gradually befriends him. When he brings EVE to his trailer and shows her the plant, however, she suddenly takes the plant and goes into standby mode. WALL-E, confused, unsuccessfully tries to reactivate her. The ship then returns to collect EVE, and with him clinging on, returns to its mothership, the starliner Axiom.

The Axiom’s passengers have become obese and feeble due to microgravity and reliance on an automated lifestyle, including the ship’s current captain, McCrea, who leaves the ship under the control of the robotic autopilot, AUTO. They take EVE to the bridge, with him tagging along. The plant proves to be missing from EVE’s storage compartment, though, and she blames WALL-E for its disappearance.

With the plant missing, they bring EVE to the center. He misinterprets the procedure as torture, and in intervening accidentally frees a group of malfunctioning robots and causes both EVE and himself to be rogue robots. Frustrated, EVE takes him to an escape pod to send him home, GO-4 interrupts them. GO-4 places the plant in an escape pod and sets it to self-destruct, but WALL-E enters. WALL-E escapes, saving the plant, and he and EVE reconcile and celebrate with a dance in space around the Axiom.

Wall-E – Fshare
Disney Pixar | EngSub | Fshare | 4.3 GB

Download Fshare (Password: dloadfree.com)

  1. Click “I’m not a robot”
  2. Wait 7 seconds on page
  3. Click “Get link” to continue


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