Jul 8, 2018
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Johnny English Reborn

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BJohnny English (Rowan Atkinson) has been training in Tibet following a botched mission in Mozambique when he is summoned by MI7. Under his new boss Pamela Thornton (Gillian Anderson), codename ‘Pegasus’, he is put on a mission to investigate a plot to assassinate the Chinese Premier during scheduled talks with the Prime Minister. He meets fellow agent and old acquaintance Simon Ambrose (Dominic West); MI7’s resident quartermaster, Patch Quartermain (Tim McInnerny); and junior agent Colin Tucker (Daniel Kaluuya), who will be English’s new assistant.

In Hong Kong, English finds ex CIA agent Titus Fisher (Richard Schiff), who reveals himself to be a member of Vortex, who were responsible for sabotaging English’s Mozambique operation. Vortex holds a secret weapon that requires three metal keys to unlock. But when he reveals his key, A grey haired woman killed Fisher (Pik-Sen Lim)

English chases the thief across Hong Kong, but loses him when the culprit leaps over a ventilator. However, recalling his Tibetan training, English simply slips into the gap between the ventilator and a wall. He continues the chase by means of easy solutions to hazardous routes the thief takes – for example, when the criminal slowly climbs down bamboo scaffolding, English simply takes an elevator. However, on his flight back to London, English is tricked by another Vortex operative disguised as a flight attendant, and is humiliated in a meeting with the Foreign Secretary and Pegasus when he attempts to present the key and the plans. He then mistakes Pegasus’s mother to be the cleaner assassin and attacks her at Pegasus’s daughter’s birthday party.

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